Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's the buzz about Shaklee?

I'd been reading in blogland for several months about this company called Shaklee. The feedback was overwhelmingly in favor of their cleaning products. According to most accounts, if you were not using Shaklee - then you were not getting your house clean. Now, let me tell ya - I love a clean house, but we have trouble keeping it that way. I mean c'mon peeps - we live here on a daily basis! :) Anyway, last month I decided to give their mini-household cleaning kit a try -- I figure worse case scenario - I don't like it and I'll send it back for a refund. Let me tell ya -- I'm likin' it! My favorite product so far is Scour Off.

It smells like yummy goodness - CHERRIES! You wanna hear something better than that -- I applied it with my bare hands - no gloves - no worrying about a product eating the skin off your hands! Anyway, I tried it on one of the "thingies" -- (becuase I don't know the proper word) on my stove Friday night. Now, I'm embarrassed to even show y'all this pictures - but my blog is all about keepin' it real. This is the before picture, "in-process" picture, and after picture...

I realize it is not sparkling clean, but I do believe it looks a lot better than before. I hear Shaklee is waiving their membership fee this month. If you are reluctant like I was this is a great time to order. Once you are a member, you are a member for life. I need to take advantage of this special myself (remember, I wasn't sure this stuff would work - so I paid at the non-member price). Cruise on over to a Bowl Full of Lemons for more information on the special.

Happy Cleaning Y'all!

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Toni said...

Thank you for this fabulous post!!! Way to go. :)

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