Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day weekend...

Happy Memorial Day! It's quite humbling to think of all the men & women who have served this great country to protect our freedoms. Thank you to all those who have served or are serving as well as their families. Hope everyone has a GREAT day honoring and remembering those who enlisted!

We did not take a trip to the beach, so we've been working on various things around the house. I wish I could tell you my "to-do" list is now DONE, but does that ever happen. :) Remember, this blog is about keepin' it real, so I show "real" pictures. Here is a before of the room...

I have made some progress on our spare bedroom. It looks MUCH better, but I still have alot of work. And an after pic... (Remember I still have work to do!)

Super-husband and I have brain-stormed about a couple of different options for that room. We really want to reclaim that space. Part of our problem, it's a multi-purpose room - office; exercise; and spare bed. The closet is small & currently - FULL - so one of the things we need to do is go through the closet and minimize what is in there to at least HALF of what currently resides! And, then - I love this idea - office closet anyone? I think this shows how much potential a closet can offer! This would completely eliminate our corner desk which is a current complete waste of space (in my opinion). Next, we would like to save some pennies & purchase a wall-mount TV for that room. Nothing super-duper fancy - but this would allow us to get-rid of the big TV (it's old, but works) that currently resides on super-son's old play table. We could then shift my hope chest underneath the TV. (In the pictures, this would be the wall to the left (it has the TV/table & closet). This would free up approximately one side of the room -- sorry, but the treadmill & bike are staying for now (we don't have a basement, so this is as good as it gets). I'd love to find a chair&a half with a pull-out bed -- this would make for a great lounge space & in the event someone needed to sleepover -- we'd have room! The other addition on the wish list (and probably the most likely to happen soon) is a ceiling fan. I like this one & one in white for super-son's room.

I know it's hard to visualize what I'm talking about without good pictures -- I really need to get better at posting pics! Anyone, that's my dreamin' for another room. One day, we'll actually be able to make progress on our projects. Just takes patience and money :)

What are you working on this weekend?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekend To-Do's...

The verdict is still out on what we will do this weekend, so I figured it was worth making a to-do list either way... hehe!


  1. Relax

  2. Soak up some rays.

  3. Read a good book.

  4. Grill Out

  5. Repeat starting at Step #1.


  1. Declutter spare bedroom.

  2. Pick out ceiling fans for super-son's bedroom & spare bedroom.

  3. Get paint sample for kitchen. Right now, I'm leaning toward Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist by Valspar.

  4. Dare I attempt to start scraping the popcorn ceiling in the kitchen/dining area??

  5. Invite some friends over for a cookout!

What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy week...

Photo is a "sneak peak" from our session on Saturday night! LOVE it. She's an awesome photographer!!!

It's been a busy week... Superson has EOG's (don't even get me started on that soapbox)... summer school session has started for me and I'm taking two classes (woohoo -positive thinking y'all) and it's just that crazy busy time of year for me at work. Thank the good Lord, super-husband is laid-back and doesn't demand much out of me! LOL But, hey - it's already Wednesday and we are cruising into a long weekend... lovin' the idea of that already.

I'm not sure what are weekend will entail... there have been mumblings of a beach trip which sounds like a fine idea to me... until I discover I do believe our dog is coming "in season"... sigh! I had considered boarding her (until THAT came up) and this really cool place that has opened in town. We've never taken her on a long road trip before (the beach is 5 hours for us)... so decisions, decisions! Not to mention, we have PLENTY of projects at home too!

Regardless of whether we stay or go -- I hope grilling out and a flag cake are on the menu! :) I found this awesome cake recipe earlier -- alot of work, but oh so cute! Personally, this Kraft one is still a favorite tho.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Recipe Party

I'm linked up to the Summer Recipe party at Rhoda's place... Grab a glass of sweet tea and venture over for some delicious looking treats! I posted my "light" Pimento cheese recipe -- I had to y'all -- it's a southern thang. If you've never tried it on grilled burger -- DO!

What are you cooking up this summer?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Menu...

If you haven't tried weekly menu planning, I highly recommend it. Our evenings go so much smoother on the weeks, everything is ready to go! Here's this week...

Saturday - We had family pictures made, so we grab a bite to eat afterwards at K&W. :)
Sunday - grilled hot dogs, chips and homemade brownie sundaes
Monday - salmon patties, mashed potatoes, sweet peas
Tuesday - Sour Cream Noodle Bake
Wednesday - Chicken Pie, green beans, corn on the cob
Thursday - slow cooker Asian Chicken and mixed veggies with brown rice
Friday - leftovers or sandwiches

What are you having this week?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Never say never...

It really is true... never say never because it is quite likely the never will unfold. :) I vividly remember telling my mom I would never go out with super-husband. Funny huh? Today we celebrate 18 years of marriage! The road of life has handed us lots of twists and turns we never expected, but I am so grateful he has been there to help navigate the way.

I don't have a lot of riches in the bank, but I'd much rather have the richness of love that I share with him!

Happy 18th Anniversary E! I love you forever!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clutter and Chaos...

I love an organized home. However, I will be the first to admit our home is far from organized. I enjoy reading other blogs and seeing fabulous transformations. I Heart Organizing is one of my favorite blogs -- lots of good tips and information there! While surfing her blog this week, I stumbled across a reader's coat closet transformation. The best part about the coat closet redo... it cost her absolutely NOTHING! :)

My wheels start turning and thinking of our "problem areas"... spare bedroom, linen closet, coat closet, and "pantry". I was talking with a co-worker who LOVES to tackle projects. She offered to help me.... NO WAY! Yes, way -- I said, "you have no idea how bad it is"... haha! But, I promised her I would take pictures. I was mortified after taking the pictures, so I got busy de-cluttering. :) I ended up with a bag of trash & a bag for Goodwill.

I started with our pantry... keep it real ya'll... here is the before & after...

The good news, The storage containers with the blue lids are EMPTY! The dark brown baskets on the third shelf are empty and I may move them to the family room over the weekend. And, the basket on the bottom shelf is EMPTY too! We can see the floor again too! I tried to upload more before & after pics, but got really annoyed that blogger kept reformatting my post! :) Trust me, it's much better!

What are you decluttering this weekend?

Friday, May 20, 2011


I loved Crayons as a kid. I still love coloring in a coloring book. Childish? yes. Calming? yes. I dream of visiting the Crayola factory one day. :) Silly but true -- perhaps I am a real kid at heart.

Perhaps you are wondering why I am talking about Crayons. Yesterday, I received a very heartfelt email in response to my friend post. It was such a great email... very real and very genuine that it brought tears to my eyes. One of my favorite quotes is --

"We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names. All are different colors, but they all have to learn to live in the same box." -- Author Unknown

However, I like the way crayons were referred to in the email I received even better...

"The way I look at the people around me is the equivilent to a box of crayons... oooooooo...different colors, some I like, some not so much. Separate they may not make much impact, but together, they can create something beautiful, colorful, intricate, detailed, so much to look at, so much to enjoy. I may like one crayon more than another, it may be my favorite forever or just for a while, but the idea is to enjoy it while you have it!!" -- thank you SW ((Hugs))

What is your favorite color???

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends...what does that mean?

Merriam Webster defines friend as --
a : one attached to another by affection or esteem b : acquaintance
a : one that is not hostile b : one that is of the same nation, party, or group
: one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)
: a favored companion

I'm facebooker... For someone whose fairly introverted it's a nice social outlet for me. I've contemplated deactivating my account several times, but for whatever reason I can't bring myself to do it. The one problem I have over and over again is the "friend" on Facebook. By Facebook numbers, I have 394 friends. Really? I don't think that could be further from the truth. Out of the 394 (excluding the ones that are family - and those are few) -- I don't think I could count 10 friends on one hand. Is that sad? Or is that just because I have a high definition and strong sense of what I consider a "friend"? I certainly hope it is that latter of the two.

Friendship is something I take seriously... I tend to give alot, but I expect the same investment in return. I don't like one-sided relationships. I like partnerships. Friendships of give and take -- where relationships complement each other's strengths & weaknesses. Friends that help, cry, laugh, and vent with you. Friends who could care less if your house is clean when they drop in.

I have some former co-workers in another department but in the same facility of which I now work. We were quite close friends before I left the department --- let's "keep in touch" they said... we'll "get-together for lunch" they mentioned. Can I tell you how many times they've dropped by my office? ZERO Can I tell you how many times they've called or met for lunch? ZERO I try to drop by their office once every 3-4 months or so. And, I hear the same thing everytime -- "we need to get-together". Perhaps, I'm sounding juvenile -- but it's gets OLD people. Maybe I'm not a good friend? Maybe I expect too much?

What does friend mean to you?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Parenting is TUFF...

Remember the Toughskin jeans of the 70's-80's, they were designed to intrigue mom's of rough-n-tough boys. Supposedly, you could not wear the jeans out -- they were that STRONG. :) I'm sure more than a few fellas put those jeans to the test.

Sometimes as a parent, I feel like I need a pair of those rough-n-tough jeans. Being a parent is hard yet so rewarding. I go through phases where I feel like I totally suck at being a mom, superhusband always reminds that I'm a wonderful mom. But there are some days I sure don't feel like it. You know the days were you repeat yourself over & over because you are pretty sure they didn't get the message the first time. Or, the days were they look like you like you have three heads instead of one -- c'mon folks, we parents know NOTHING. :) It seems to get harder the older they get as well. Superson recently turned 10, so we still have a long road ahead. However, I remember some of the things I cried over, stressed over in earlier years & they seem so silly now. I'm hoping the things I cry and stress over today will seem just as silly a few years from now.

Depsite the frustrations and unknowns of parenting, the times they make it worth it are priceless. The time you see him "live out" a lesson you've been trying so hard to teach; the "thanks mom" -- that is genuine; the "I love you"from out of nowhere. The reality is as much as I want to teach him lessons about life -- he is teaching me so much more.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Menu

Last week's menu did not go quite as planned... crazy huh? I didn't feel like cooking last Sunday (Mother's Day)... so our meals consisted of cereal, sandwiches and McD's on Wednesday night. This evening I assembled our meals, so we are ready to go this week!

Saturday - We ate out after a busy day of errands and chores!
Sunday - Grilled burgers/hot dogs, baked beans, chips
Monday - Baked chicken tenders (5 dinners recipe); leftover baked beans, fruit
Tuesday - Spaghetti with meat sauce
Wednesday - Broccoli & Chicken Bake (5 dinners recipe) and brown rice
Thursday - TexMex Rolls (5 dinners recipe) and chips & salsa
Friday - leftovers or sandwiches

Want more ideas and inspiration -- follow my link up to Org Junkie menus. What are you eating this week?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday evening started out quite lazy... I had intended get a few things done around the house, but ended up on the couch reading blogs and watching TV. Sadly, it was nice to veg out after a busy week. Spring semester ended on Tuesday, so I have no required papers, readings, etc until summer session starts. :)

The weekend forecast was predicted as lots of rain, so I wasn't quite sure what Saturday would entail. I had registered for a the local Rockin' Ronald McDonald 10K/5K and my brother & sister-in-law joined me. It was their first 5K and they did AWESOME. The picture to the left is us AFTER the race! :) I finished in time to catch most of superson's soccer game in the rain. Afterwards, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed home. We tackled family chores inside and it was only mid-afternoon (woo!). I knew if I sat down I was likely to fall asleep, so I ventured out to the local consignment shop & Home Depot with my neighbor.

As you may recall from my Friday post, my kitchen is on my mind. :) I had originally wanted to go with a similar color for the walls, but my neighbor convinced me to work with the countertops. I think we've decided to not try the countertop transformation I mentioned in the other post. We'll keep what we have until we can afford to have the replaced professionally. SO, I'm leaning toward a color in the green family -- I picked up the 3 Valspar samples in the picture to the right. Right now, I'm leaning toward one of the bottom 6. We had a busy Saturday and got alot accomplished. For dinner, we went to a local burger place totally overdid it there - but enjoyed it!

Sunday, we enjoyed a great morning of worship & small group. We stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things & $100 later... well, you know how that goes. :) Superhusband grilled some burgers & hotdogs -- they were delicious! After lunch, I took a nap (hope I can still sleep tonight). After supper, I finished up our meals for the week!

How was your weekend?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Next mission... the kitchen and entryway...

For now, my front porch project is as complete as it's going to get (at least for awhile)... I do plan to get a few plants to spruce up the areas around the front door - but these will be freebies off of mom & friends who are dividing & sharing! :) Next stop... entryway & kitchen....

The KITCHEN!! It is the room I fell in love with when we looked at the house 9 years ago! I love how large it was and that it was eat-in. I don't know about you, but I know very few people who use their formal dining room on a regular basis. Personally, I'd rather have comfortable, livable space that I use regularly.

The previous owner was a school teacher & used the blackboard for tutoring students. We use for grocery list, important phone numbers, etc! The only change we made was the flooring -- I loved the white/green tiles (vinyl flooring), but they were yellowed. We replaced with something similar and within 6 months had the same problem. Apparently, it had to do with the type glue that is used and the fact we are on a concrete slab. Fortunately, the folks at Lowes Hardware were very accommodating and let us pick out another floor (light brown/pebble look) and we only had to pay a small amount to have it replaced. The other change was the dishwasher -- NO, we didn't replace it - but it was black on the front and stuck out like a sore thumb. On the panels of the dishwasher were different "inserts" -- we chose to go with the white one instead. The backsplash is white tile with various fruit tiles mixed in.

Here are some pictures, I took today...

My thoughts:

  1. Remove the popcorn ceiling! It looks terrible mainly because it is cracking and in a couple areas I've tried to see how easily it would come down, so there's a patch missing here and there. :) I would like the ceiling painted flat (no more popcorn!).

  2. Since we do have an eat-in kitchen, I would like to have the dining area "set apart". My thoughts.... place beadboard below the chair rail and paint it white. Hang curtains over the outer two windows -- this would help block the heat in the summer as well.

  3. As mentioned in another post, get a smaller table. A table with a leaf that will allow us to seat 4 the majority of the time - but have the option to add the leaf for additional seating for family get-togethers. Preferably in an oak tone. :)

  4. Paint -- walls, cabinets and trim. It's very likely I will go with a color very close to what the walls are now -- it's a beige/khaki/light brown. I don't know the exact color because it was already painted when we moved here. Cabinets would remain white as well.

  5. Replace cabinet hardware. When we moved in 9 years ago, the cabinets got a fresh coat of paint. The hardware is brass (knobs, hinges) and the drawer pulls are white/brass. At that time, we attempted to clean them with brass cleaner -- could not tell a significant different though. I'd love suggestions on what you would choose :) Brushed nickel, black, rubbed bronze?

  6. Lighting. I actually like the fixture above the table. It has a wrought iron look to it. Remember Vern Yip -- he used a very similar fixture on his room makeovers. :) We have a problem with a couple of the lights. Our handy-dandy electrician neighbor has looked at it a couple of times, but it may need to be replaced. If so, I will go with something similar. OR, would you move the ceiling fan to the dining area? Again, I'd go with something similar (I like the wrought iron mixed in). If I stick to a similar light fixture, I'd like to have the little lampshades for the bulbs too. Walmart doesn't carry anymore and I forget to look at Michael's. The other lighting in the kitchen is just a fluorescent over the sink -- would you opt for a pendant light or keep as is? Additionally, I had considered a pot rack with lights to replace the ceiling fan with a small butcher block underneath. However, the more I think about it -- I lean toward replacing the ceiling fan with one with a light kit. The kitchen can get really hot in the summer from the sun coming in the front. Or, would you ditch the fan and go with some track lighting?

  7. Counterops. I'd love to have Corian or something along those lines, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. It's really hard to describe the color -- it's like a hunter green, but sometimes it looks a little blueish too. It's weird. Has anyone ever tried this -- Countertop Transformations? At -- they have three "how-to" videos... It's a thought.

Now what are your thoughts? :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Craigslist... oh how I...

Do you Craigslist? I love to surf Craiglist, but honestly it is a love/hate relationship. Love finding adorable items, but hate having no where for them to go. :) We scored our living room furniture (sofa, chair and half, & ottoman) from there last year. Strangely, the seller turned out to be a girl I went to high school with - talk about blast from the past! Prior to that, we had purchased a small chest freezer, stove, and over-the-stove microwave. An older couple was remodeling their kitchen & we took the appliances off their hands! We did not have an over-the-stove microwave previously, but our handy dandy electrician neighbor installed it for us and I LOVE the room that was freed up on the countertop!

This week I've found...

It's a beautiful oak dining table with 6 chairs -- totally my style. We currently have a table but the top of it is in rough condition -- we've tried numerous techniques with no luck. I suppose we can't expect too much - we got for $40 at an auction -- it has beautiful harp style legs. ANYWAY, back to the picture -- I've been eyeing this week for a couple of days. I like that it has a leaf -- so we can have a "smaller table" the majority of the time and then use the leaf for family get-togethers. Not sure if we will look at this one or not.

I had two other items to show, BUT I saved the link but not the pictures & now they are sold! One was a Pottery Barn style coffee table for $45 dollars and the other was a colonial style dining room set for $125. Both were ADORABLE, so I'm not surprised they are gone! :)

What are you best finds on Craigslist?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Porch Progress Pictures -- What do you think?

As noted in Wednesday's post, I didn't get to post a picture with my update because it was raining, but I was able to snap a couple this afternoon. Ignore the bag of potting soil in one of the pics :) You can read about my thoughts & before pictures before I started here, and, my thoughts about the progress here.

Front Porch Makeover - Update

Feel free to refer back to my original post.

1. The flower pots by the front porch have been spray-painted black. LOVE THEM! The design/texture on the pot still shows through for added dimension. My sweet nana came and updated the pots with flowers -- the best part she used cuttings and plants from her own garden (LOVE IT!).
2. The white chair is gone. The chair with the pots was just too much for the tiny space. A hanging fern has been added for height. The pots are positioned well underneath the fern to get any run-off water. I've added a multi-color welcome mat in bright colors -- I found a Target giftcard that still had some $$ on it, so it was my deal at $1.98 out of pocket. :)
3. The single pot approaching the door on the left -- I wasn't going to put anything there, but Nana brought a HUGE geranium that she has kept indoors for there. I can't wait for it to bloom - it's RED!
4. Move your attention toward the rockers -- they have a fresh coat of red paint. The small table I thought I had thrown away - I found :) It was not completely destroyed by the incident with superson and I managed to get it back together. It is home to a HUGE impatient with varigated leaves & sweet potato vine that I got for Mother's Day.

Still to do:
- find a welcome sign to go by the front door -- probably something seasonal
- get some flowers for the double-shepherd's hook on the other end of the house
- focus on the flower beds behind the rockers & on the left as your approach the door

So far, I've spent -
$7.50 - fern
$16.00 - paint for pots & rockers
$1.98 - welcome mat

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Movie anyone?

If you are looking for inexpensive family night, check out your local library! We've found some oldie, but goodie movies to check-out there. Of course, Redbox is very reasonable too. However, our favorite new thing about family night is "homemade" popcorn. We've been using the microwave bags forever. They are really easy for superson to make himself -- throw a bag in the microwave and hit the "popcorn" button. But, this weekend we tried the a recipe found here, and I pleased to report it works! :) We loved it so much - we had popcorn for a snack on Saturday night too!

Who needs Orville and think of all the money you'll save!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Bucket List

  1. Complete at least one 5K in June, July or August.

  2. Read at least 5 books for pleasure.

  3. Succesfully complete summer school!!

  4. Take and pass 3 CLEP exams.

  5. Have a game night or get-together with friends once a month.

  6. Complete one task on my house wish list -- organize spare bedroom; repaint kitchen; declutter pantry... etc, etc! Trust me the list is long!

  7. Enjoy short get-aways with my family.

  8. Take more pictures of life happenings.

  9. Stay active -- continue to walk 3 miles on Mon, Wed, Fri. Aim to go to Zumba on Monday nights at least once a month.

  10. RELAX

Weekly Menu

It's weekly menu time...

Saturday - dinner with my family to celebrate Mother's Day and my brother & sister-in-law's birthdays - salad, baked spaghetti, and homemade bread by Nana!

Sunday - Subway (momma ain't cookin' & I am perfectly HAPPY with Subway!)

Monday - salad & baked potatoes

Tuesday - baked chicken tenders; corn on the cob and fruit (we didn't have this last week)

Wednesday - Tex-Mex Roll-Ups (5 Dinners)

Thursday - Chicken & Broccoli Bake (5 Dinners)

Friday - leftovers or homemade pizza

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful ladies out there! I am incredibly blessed with a wonderful mother who has shown God's unconditional love to me throughout my life. I can only hope and pray that I will be same Godly influence on super-son. She's certainly given me big shoes to fill.

Motherhood did not come easy for me. It took three years of trying and waiting, but finally our bundle of joy was on the way. April 4, 2001 is a day I will never forget -- each detail of the day etched in my mind forever. I don't think anyone could have ever prepared me for the wealth of emotions that came with motherhood. I truly understand what it means to wear your heart outside of your body. Mine walks around as a brown-eyed; brown-headed young boy. :)

The hardest part of being a mom -- life lessons. On Friday, super-son learned one of many life lessons. Without question, I do believe this is the hardest lesson he's learned so far (for all of us actually). I was mad and then upset and then mad. He has consequences associated with this lesson. He's been grounded from all electronics until Wednesday. (if you don't have a 10 year old, it's pretty big stuff to go without your tv, video games, computer, and tunes). Super-husband and I are pretty sure he has learned a valuable lesson; however, it's been extremely difficult for me NOT to bring up the situation (again and again). We told him once it was a discussed as a family on Friday night - we would not talk about it again. I've had to bite my tongue a couple of time as a I started to say... "are you sure you understand?"

Anyway, this morning I was reminded --- Jesus forgives us as soon as we ask... He doesn't bring the situation up over and over and over... If we want to talk to Him about our problems, He will listen - but He's not going to beat us over the head... So, I'm going to be more like Jesus... Show super-son unconditional love and let the consequences speak for themselves...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up!

It was a gorgeous weekend here! The sun was shining - the birds were chirping - wonderful spring goodness!

On Friday afternoon, I attended the scholarship luncheon at college. I was fortunate enough to receive the Elberson scholarship for spring semester (every little bit helps!) It was great to see Mrs. P, a fellow recipent. She and I met during summer school last year. She and I were both going through a difficult time (health issues with family members), and I have no doubt God placed us in those classes to minister to each other! Friday evening, I decided to dive head first into my history research paper. I worked on it for four hours and was able to get 4 pages done -- added to the 2 pages already done -- I was a little over half-way done! Woo!

Saturday - We slept late & super-son had a soccer game at 1230p - they won! I had multiple errands to run, but failed to make a list. Unfortunately, it was one of those days - ran some errands - come home remember something else I was supposed to do & head out again! After dinner, I decided to finish up my paper, so we could enjoy Sunday! *Sigh* I could not find the file anywhere on my computer. I was so upset. Super-husband worked for at least an hour to recover the file with no luck. I did have the original two pages still on-hand, so it wasn't a complete loss. I was upset... I cried... I don't know what happened, and pretty sure I don't want it to happen again. I let my tears fall into a yummy Banana Pudding Milkshake from Chick-fil-A... did I mention it's 9pm at this point??? Anyway, the milkshake upset my tummy. :( I spent the remainder of the evening trying to rewrite my paper and running to the bathroom. UGH! Shortly after midnight with little progress - I threw in the towel and headed to bed.

Sunday - We slept in and skipped church :( About 9am, I got up and started on the paper again. By noon, I had it almost ready. Super-son had a birthday party to attend from 2-4pm, so I finished it up after dinner. I gave the wooden rockers a fresh coat of paint & spray-painted 2 of my 3 flower pots by the front door black (one to go!). We still had some daylight, so we played a game of "Around the World" in basketball.

The paper has proven to make the weekend mentally exhausting. In the big scheme of life, I realize this is NOTHING. There are people suffering from hunger, heartache, and without hope. I'm fortunate I had the opportunity to rewrite those four pages. I've decided to take a day off work tomorrow. I have an appointment at 9am and plan to play catch up around the house afterwards.

How was your weekend?