Saturday, May 14, 2011

Next mission... the kitchen and entryway...

For now, my front porch project is as complete as it's going to get (at least for awhile)... I do plan to get a few plants to spruce up the areas around the front door - but these will be freebies off of mom & friends who are dividing & sharing! :) Next stop... entryway & kitchen....

The KITCHEN!! It is the room I fell in love with when we looked at the house 9 years ago! I love how large it was and that it was eat-in. I don't know about you, but I know very few people who use their formal dining room on a regular basis. Personally, I'd rather have comfortable, livable space that I use regularly.

The previous owner was a school teacher & used the blackboard for tutoring students. We use for grocery list, important phone numbers, etc! The only change we made was the flooring -- I loved the white/green tiles (vinyl flooring), but they were yellowed. We replaced with something similar and within 6 months had the same problem. Apparently, it had to do with the type glue that is used and the fact we are on a concrete slab. Fortunately, the folks at Lowes Hardware were very accommodating and let us pick out another floor (light brown/pebble look) and we only had to pay a small amount to have it replaced. The other change was the dishwasher -- NO, we didn't replace it - but it was black on the front and stuck out like a sore thumb. On the panels of the dishwasher were different "inserts" -- we chose to go with the white one instead. The backsplash is white tile with various fruit tiles mixed in.

Here are some pictures, I took today...

My thoughts:

  1. Remove the popcorn ceiling! It looks terrible mainly because it is cracking and in a couple areas I've tried to see how easily it would come down, so there's a patch missing here and there. :) I would like the ceiling painted flat (no more popcorn!).

  2. Since we do have an eat-in kitchen, I would like to have the dining area "set apart". My thoughts.... place beadboard below the chair rail and paint it white. Hang curtains over the outer two windows -- this would help block the heat in the summer as well.

  3. As mentioned in another post, get a smaller table. A table with a leaf that will allow us to seat 4 the majority of the time - but have the option to add the leaf for additional seating for family get-togethers. Preferably in an oak tone. :)

  4. Paint -- walls, cabinets and trim. It's very likely I will go with a color very close to what the walls are now -- it's a beige/khaki/light brown. I don't know the exact color because it was already painted when we moved here. Cabinets would remain white as well.

  5. Replace cabinet hardware. When we moved in 9 years ago, the cabinets got a fresh coat of paint. The hardware is brass (knobs, hinges) and the drawer pulls are white/brass. At that time, we attempted to clean them with brass cleaner -- could not tell a significant different though. I'd love suggestions on what you would choose :) Brushed nickel, black, rubbed bronze?

  6. Lighting. I actually like the fixture above the table. It has a wrought iron look to it. Remember Vern Yip -- he used a very similar fixture on his room makeovers. :) We have a problem with a couple of the lights. Our handy-dandy electrician neighbor has looked at it a couple of times, but it may need to be replaced. If so, I will go with something similar. OR, would you move the ceiling fan to the dining area? Again, I'd go with something similar (I like the wrought iron mixed in). If I stick to a similar light fixture, I'd like to have the little lampshades for the bulbs too. Walmart doesn't carry anymore and I forget to look at Michael's. The other lighting in the kitchen is just a fluorescent over the sink -- would you opt for a pendant light or keep as is? Additionally, I had considered a pot rack with lights to replace the ceiling fan with a small butcher block underneath. However, the more I think about it -- I lean toward replacing the ceiling fan with one with a light kit. The kitchen can get really hot in the summer from the sun coming in the front. Or, would you ditch the fan and go with some track lighting?

  7. Counterops. I'd love to have Corian or something along those lines, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. It's really hard to describe the color -- it's like a hunter green, but sometimes it looks a little blueish too. It's weird. Has anyone ever tried this -- Countertop Transformations? At -- they have three "how-to" videos... It's a thought.

Now what are your thoughts? :)

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