Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends...what does that mean?

Merriam Webster defines friend as --
a : one attached to another by affection or esteem b : acquaintance
a : one that is not hostile b : one that is of the same nation, party, or group
: one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)
: a favored companion

I'm facebooker... For someone whose fairly introverted it's a nice social outlet for me. I've contemplated deactivating my account several times, but for whatever reason I can't bring myself to do it. The one problem I have over and over again is the "friend" on Facebook. By Facebook numbers, I have 394 friends. Really? I don't think that could be further from the truth. Out of the 394 (excluding the ones that are family - and those are few) -- I don't think I could count 10 friends on one hand. Is that sad? Or is that just because I have a high definition and strong sense of what I consider a "friend"? I certainly hope it is that latter of the two.

Friendship is something I take seriously... I tend to give alot, but I expect the same investment in return. I don't like one-sided relationships. I like partnerships. Friendships of give and take -- where relationships complement each other's strengths & weaknesses. Friends that help, cry, laugh, and vent with you. Friends who could care less if your house is clean when they drop in.

I have some former co-workers in another department but in the same facility of which I now work. We were quite close friends before I left the department --- let's "keep in touch" they said... we'll "get-together for lunch" they mentioned. Can I tell you how many times they've dropped by my office? ZERO Can I tell you how many times they've called or met for lunch? ZERO I try to drop by their office once every 3-4 months or so. And, I hear the same thing everytime -- "we need to get-together". Perhaps, I'm sounding juvenile -- but it's gets OLD people. Maybe I'm not a good friend? Maybe I expect too much?

What does friend mean to you?

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