Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Bucket List

  1. Complete at least one 5K in June, July or August.

  2. Read at least 5 books for pleasure.

  3. Succesfully complete summer school!!

  4. Take and pass 3 CLEP exams.

  5. Have a game night or get-together with friends once a month.

  6. Complete one task on my house wish list -- organize spare bedroom; repaint kitchen; declutter pantry... etc, etc! Trust me the list is long!

  7. Enjoy short get-aways with my family.

  8. Take more pictures of life happenings.

  9. Stay active -- continue to walk 3 miles on Mon, Wed, Fri. Aim to go to Zumba on Monday nights at least once a month.

  10. RELAX

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