Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up!

It was a gorgeous weekend here! The sun was shining - the birds were chirping - wonderful spring goodness!

On Friday afternoon, I attended the scholarship luncheon at college. I was fortunate enough to receive the Elberson scholarship for spring semester (every little bit helps!) It was great to see Mrs. P, a fellow recipent. She and I met during summer school last year. She and I were both going through a difficult time (health issues with family members), and I have no doubt God placed us in those classes to minister to each other! Friday evening, I decided to dive head first into my history research paper. I worked on it for four hours and was able to get 4 pages done -- added to the 2 pages already done -- I was a little over half-way done! Woo!

Saturday - We slept late & super-son had a soccer game at 1230p - they won! I had multiple errands to run, but failed to make a list. Unfortunately, it was one of those days - ran some errands - come home remember something else I was supposed to do & head out again! After dinner, I decided to finish up my paper, so we could enjoy Sunday! *Sigh* I could not find the file anywhere on my computer. I was so upset. Super-husband worked for at least an hour to recover the file with no luck. I did have the original two pages still on-hand, so it wasn't a complete loss. I was upset... I cried... I don't know what happened, and pretty sure I don't want it to happen again. I let my tears fall into a yummy Banana Pudding Milkshake from Chick-fil-A... did I mention it's 9pm at this point??? Anyway, the milkshake upset my tummy. :( I spent the remainder of the evening trying to rewrite my paper and running to the bathroom. UGH! Shortly after midnight with little progress - I threw in the towel and headed to bed.

Sunday - We slept in and skipped church :( About 9am, I got up and started on the paper again. By noon, I had it almost ready. Super-son had a birthday party to attend from 2-4pm, so I finished it up after dinner. I gave the wooden rockers a fresh coat of paint & spray-painted 2 of my 3 flower pots by the front door black (one to go!). We still had some daylight, so we played a game of "Around the World" in basketball.

The paper has proven to make the weekend mentally exhausting. In the big scheme of life, I realize this is NOTHING. There are people suffering from hunger, heartache, and without hope. I'm fortunate I had the opportunity to rewrite those four pages. I've decided to take a day off work tomorrow. I have an appointment at 9am and plan to play catch up around the house afterwards.

How was your weekend?

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