Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day weekend...

Happy Memorial Day! It's quite humbling to think of all the men & women who have served this great country to protect our freedoms. Thank you to all those who have served or are serving as well as their families. Hope everyone has a GREAT day honoring and remembering those who enlisted!

We did not take a trip to the beach, so we've been working on various things around the house. I wish I could tell you my "to-do" list is now DONE, but does that ever happen. :) Remember, this blog is about keepin' it real, so I show "real" pictures. Here is a before of the room...

I have made some progress on our spare bedroom. It looks MUCH better, but I still have alot of work. And an after pic... (Remember I still have work to do!)

Super-husband and I have brain-stormed about a couple of different options for that room. We really want to reclaim that space. Part of our problem, it's a multi-purpose room - office; exercise; and spare bed. The closet is small & currently - FULL - so one of the things we need to do is go through the closet and minimize what is in there to at least HALF of what currently resides! And, then - I love this idea - office closet anyone? I think this shows how much potential a closet can offer! This would completely eliminate our corner desk which is a current complete waste of space (in my opinion). Next, we would like to save some pennies & purchase a wall-mount TV for that room. Nothing super-duper fancy - but this would allow us to get-rid of the big TV (it's old, but works) that currently resides on super-son's old play table. We could then shift my hope chest underneath the TV. (In the pictures, this would be the wall to the left (it has the TV/table & closet). This would free up approximately one side of the room -- sorry, but the treadmill & bike are staying for now (we don't have a basement, so this is as good as it gets). I'd love to find a chair&a half with a pull-out bed -- this would make for a great lounge space & in the event someone needed to sleepover -- we'd have room! The other addition on the wish list (and probably the most likely to happen soon) is a ceiling fan. I like this one & one in white for super-son's room.

I know it's hard to visualize what I'm talking about without good pictures -- I really need to get better at posting pics! Anyone, that's my dreamin' for another room. One day, we'll actually be able to make progress on our projects. Just takes patience and money :)

What are you working on this weekend?

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