Saturday, July 11, 2015

31 Day Clutter Challenge

Recently,  I was intrigued by a 31 Day Clutter Challenge hosted by Living Well Spending Less.  It started on July 1st & has been really easy to follow.  Each morning I receive an email with the target area of the day.  It gives guidelines for the space, suggestions on how to organize, and helpful hints on what to keep & what to toss. 

I strive to maintain an orderly house & clean house.  Although the "clean" seems to be the bigger challenge, we live here!  Back to the clutter, I don't feel like I have a lot; but this challenge has encouraged me to let go of more. 

Today was kitchen cabinets & drawers!  This is my pile for Goodwill (not all from the kitchen) 
While I cook a lot, why I had so many duplicates of things is beyond me.  Some were hand-me-downs, others great deals, and others --- I have no idea!  

The cabinets are looking much better now though!  
Do you purge often or only when it is completely out of control?