Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it summer yet?

I had plan to write this really awesome post on exercise this morning & my journey on becoming more active. However, let's just say -- it was one of those mornings and I'd be better off to save that post for another day. I have alot of "irons in the fire" right now and I was exhausted last night. Work has been managable, but I have alot of projects at school right now (read that -- papers, papers, papers)... I'm stressing about fall semester which is how many months away! Seriously, I need to get it together! My plan for tonight is to crank out a 5 pg paper tonight and enjoy the weekend. We'll see how that goes! Enough whining!

I wanted to share this with you....

I mentioned my friend, Sally, earlier this week -- but she posted this afterwards and I had to share. She is an amazing and talented artist in my opinion! She has shared step-by-step instructions on creating these for your own walkway or garden. You can read more here.

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Sally said...

Thank you Traci!!! Enjoy your weekend and don't stress too much. Summer is here!!!