Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Storms in Life

Last night, we had a spring thunderstorm -- lots of rain, thunder, lightning (literally brightened the bedroom with flash) and strong winds. Often storms make us feel very vulnerable. We may have a roof to protect us, but we don't know where the next bolt of lightning make strike or whether the strong winds will circulate into a tornado.

Our individual lives can often seem the same way. Health issues can leave one wondering what's next or how to afford the medical care needed. Unemployment leaves feelings of emptiness and even loneliness - how will I make it financially? Other storms in life may be from broken relationships or unraveling addictions.

Regardless of the storm in our life, God has promised us that He will protect us. Even when you feel like your boat is ready to capsize -- He is with you. During storms in my life, I find music to bring great comfort. A couple of my favorites -- "He is with You" - Mandisa & "Love Has Come" - Mark Schultz

To know the strength of the anchor, you must weather the storm....

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