Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What a difference a year makes!

New tread on the left / Flat tread on the right
The new year brings crowded gyms and people hoping to become more fit and healthy in 2012!   In 2011, this is something I definitely worked at consistently.  I received my 3rd pair of Saucony Ride 4's for Christmas this year - I've averaged a one pair per year since 2009.  As recommended by Fleet Feet, I use these for exercise and exercise only.  I snapped this picture of the old & new pair as motivation for me to continue pressing ahead in the New Year.  As you can tell, the old pair is completely flat - I didn't realize how much I worn the tread down until I compared them with the new pair. 

Too often, we continue to view ourselves the "old" way too -- instead of celebrating the small accomplishments we've made.  My run pace may still be slow - but it beats my old routine of sitting on the couch.  Take time in the new year to compliment yourself - each day there is something to celebrate.   Maybe you stuck to your plan of eating your packed lunch instead of joining our co-workers for lunch out  or maybe you did "blow it" from a calorie stand-point BUT at least you tracked those calories!  

What are you celebrating today?

If you are starting a new fitness routine, please consult with your doctor.  :)
And, I recommend being properly fitted for a pair of exercise shoes.  You can read my posts on getting started and being fitted.

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Ann said...

YAYYY for proper shoes. The feeling of new shoes is AMAZING!!!! :)