Monday, January 23, 2012


Ugh. I'm not a procrastinator really, I'm not.  Am I denial?   LOL

In my 20s, the only thing I procrastinated on was doing housework, keeping laundry caught up, filling my gas tank up when the light came on, and staying organized.  Seriously, that's pretty much all I can remember putting on the back burner.

Then as I approached 30, a certain little fella - super-son came along and suddenly the things listed above weren't quite as optional, but more like priorities!   I became more domesticated and enjoyed making our house a home more than ever before.

In my late 30s,  I returned to school and my family was still a priority.  Now, I find myself procrastinating on school work in the worst possible way.  To my credit, last semester I did stay on top of my senior research paper - I knew it would be impossible to catch up if I fell behind on writing 30 pages.  While staying on top of the paper (and receiving an A by the way),  I managed to put my directed study on the back burner. 

The cool thing about directed studies - you move at your own pace and you get 3 months beyond the semester deadline to finish.  I was determined to enjoy the holidays with my family and "I'll get started on it after the New Year".   Now, it's nearly the end of January and I've just beginning to make a dent in the project!  Spring semester starts next Monday & I really need to get this finished and behind me, so I can move on to my three final classes.

I've said all that to say this... I may be quiet on the blog over the next couple of weeks, but I'm determined to not let the deadlines stress me!

Feel free to check in with me and ask about my progress  :)


Ann said...

Just checking in - hope things are going well are you are on track with your goals! :)

Mom to One said...

Thanks for checking in with me! I was able to get three of the movie reviews done this week - I have one left to do and then it's on to the book reviews. Spring semester starts tomorrow night!