Friday, January 6, 2012

It's 6pm and ...

Do you find yourself stumbling around the kitchen, staring into the cabinets, wondering what could possibly be dinner tonight?  I have the same probably occasionally.  However, sometimes I think it's simply we can't see the forest for the trees.  Below are some quick and easy dinner ideas...

  • Saute, stir-fry, or grill chicken breasts & add a dash of low-sodium soy sauce (or teriyaki sauce) serve with brown rice and steamed (or stir-fry) vegetables.
  • Baked center cut, boneless pork chops.   You can fix these a variety of ways -- coat with egg whites or honey mustard & then add panko crumbs.  Occassionally, I will use the egg whites and then a mixture of panko crumbs, Italian seasoning & parmesan cheese.   Panko crumbs are the absolute best coating.   I recommend baking them on a wire rack on top of cookie sheet.   Serve with brown rice and applesauce  OR whole wheat noodles with Smart Balance and dash of parmesan cheese & a side of sweet peas.
  • 93/7 hamburger patties - grilled (which is why I love my grill pan - we can grill year round!) -- add a slice of Swiss & a TBS of canned mushrooms (or toppings of your choice) and serve with baked fries (thinly sliced potato - sprayed with Olive Oil PAM and sprinkled with seasoning salt)
  • Crustless spinach quiche (I modified this recipe) and fruit ... Breakfast isn't just for mornings! :)
  • Chicken Pitas -- Take a bag of Light Casear Salad (bagged mix) & add cooked, cubed chicken.  Mix together well & stuff into pitas.
These are just a few quick and easy ideas for dinner!  Do you have a favorite "go-to" meal?

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