Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up...

Wow!  The weekend just flies by - AGAIN!

Friday evening, I was really lazy - there was so much I should have been doing, but I did absolutely NONE of it.  I watched HGTV, HGTV and more HGTV!

I knew Saturday was going to be busy, and it did not disappoint.  LOL  Since it is the only day of the week I am able to "sleep-in",  I did just that.  I got the day started around 9am.  :)   We started by working on chores - cleaning and laundry and I tackled errands afterwards.   I was hoping to squeeze a 30 minute run in when I got back home, but that didn't happen.  As a thank-you to some friends who helped out baby-sitting super-son,  we hosted dinner for them.   I kept the menu relatively simple -- salad & potato bar.  We ended the evening with a birthday cake for my friend, Angie and playing the game, Logo.

Sunday morning, we headed out for church/small group.  I had agreed to host a Just Jewelry party for my friend, Angie, in the afternoon.  So after church, I was making sure the house was in order and preparing a few snacks for the party -- apples with low-fat caramel dip & hawaiian dip;  chicken clubhouse squares (I tried to modify the recipe); and chips/salsa. 

Now, it's Sunday evening (did I mention I took a 2 hour nap at 5p - UGH!!!).  I am really behind on some assignments for a directed study for school.  I NEED to get it finished within the next week and a half, but I find myself procrastinating on it.   I'm off tomorrow for MLK day, but I'll be up early for boot camp. 

How was your weekend?

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Ann said...

I can get SO sucked in by HGTV!! Glad you had a relaxing weekend! :)