Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Labor Day - Home Projects

Do you have a list of home projects or things you'd like "to-do"?    You know how I like lists.  :)     As I sit here this morning,  I'm slightly overwhelmed by my list because I don't know which project to start working on today.   But, it's quite possible that I could tackle more than one if I would quit thinking and just jump in!

On my list:

-Superson's bath room re-do (I had a revelation this week & realized that I could probably do this for ZERO dollars spent)

-Office closet (I need to declutter and reorganize the bottom half of the closet so we can start the transition to a mulitpurpose room)

-Clean my oven (undoubtedly the least exciting of all the other 2)

The optimist in me wants them all done today, so she can enjoy being lazy on her day off tomorrow.  :)

Do you have any weekend projects?

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