Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lists - To Do? or Not To Do?

Are you a list-maker?   To some extent, I always have been.  Some days I wish I were more of a list-maker than I am -- some are well thought out & others are scribbled on a piece of paper.  

-Have you ever gone into the grocery store without a list?  I have & it's never been a successful trip.
-Have you ever ran errands without a list?   Forget something?  I have.
-Have you outlined goals for the year?   Only to forget two weeks later what they were.  I have.

My point is a list helps keep us focused. 

At work - I have an ongoing list of tasks & deadlines.  I'm constantly marking off completed items and adding more that needs to be done.

At home - I have several  :)  One in particular that I enjoy looking at is room by room of things I would like to do to update or change the space.  (Painting, moving furniture, decluttering, etc)  

During the school year,  I try to make a list each day before I leave work of things I need to get accomplished that evening.   Super-husband works evenings, so I have to make sure I maximize the time I do have -- ensuring super-son's schoolwork is complete coupled with dinner and other household duties.

What's your take on lists?  

See my fitness goals list here.

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