Saturday, August 17, 2013

Customer Service

Happy Saturday!

Customer Service embodies so many qualities and characteristics, but I believe EXCELLENT customer service is integral to any successful business.   I worked retail for a few years during and after high school, and I will agree there are times it is close to impossible to keep the smile on your face and the pleasant tone in your voice.  Over the past several months,  we've tried to bring super-son's awareness to customer service when we are out and about.  We've had a few excellent experiences and it gives a chance to talk about what was right -- the attendant went above and beyond our expectations;  they corrected a wrong order; or they were just polite!   Unfortunately, we've had a couple of bad experiences too - but it's given us a chance to talk about what they could have done differently or could we have communicated differently.   It probably seems silly to most - but I think it's good for him to see and understand.

Remember my House Party post, if not run over and check it out!   The Keurig brewers arrived this week.   I'm still in awe of this awesome party pack.  House Party provided all the essential party supplies:  cups, K-cups for the brewer,  coupons, and a cookie tin.  Keurig sent two brewers - yes, you read that correctly TWO brewers!  One for me to keep and one for me to give to away to a lucky guest!  

The brewer boxes indicated there were a couple of bonus items included - but I was missing the bonus K-cups in each box.  I called the company last night & to be completely honest -- I would rate the phone call as a 5 (on  1-10 scale).   AND, to be completely honest - it felt weird calling when the brewer was free to begin with - but I wanted the guest who wins it to have whatever was supposed to be in the box. 

Anyway, I was told my request would be sent to the "department that handles that type thing".   Shortly afterwards,  I received an email with a coupon code for free K-cups.   I was confused, so I emailed them to inquire if this was in response to my phone call or was it because I registered the brewer.   They sent another email with a discount code this AM because it was in response to my phone call but they didn't realize neither brewer had the bonus K-Cups.  So that my friends is EXCELLENT customer service in my book!!!

Have you had an EXCELLENT customer service experience recently?

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