Saturday, August 3, 2013

Old news but worth posting - 10K

10K -- no not ten thousand dollars - I wish!   10K = 10 kilometers - 6.2 miles    

In late April/early May, I shared my 2013 fitness goals with a co-worker.  I keep promising to share them here and I will (I promise).   Anyway, one of my goals for this year was to complete a 10K race.  I've done several 5K races over the past three years.  I'm not super fast by any means as of matter of fact at most races I feel like a turtle in quick sand.  This year, I wanted to push myself a little harder because another goal was to increase my pace and endurance. 

The race was held in late June which unfortunately here in the South typically is hot and humid.  To prep for the race, we met 2-3 mornings three to four weeks before the race to run one loop of the course.  My goal was to finish strong and not be last.  This was the first annual race for Industries for the Blind which meant it was a relatively small race (around 170 registered runners - yikes!).   At the sound of the horn, the majority of the pack jetted ahead.  One mistake I've made in the past was starting out too fast - so this time I was determined to pace myself.   It was quite clear from the start I was going to be at the back.  The course was challenging - some gradual inclines, some flat areas, and a nice steep hill leading to the finish line.  My only negative is that it was a two loop course meaning we ran the same 3.2 mile loop twice --- this played with my mind.    At the beginning of the race, I played cat and mouse with one runner for the most of the first loop.  Around mile 4, I managed to pass her and two others.  I desperately tried to pass an older gentleman in front of me - but I just couldn't do it!

Climbing the hill to the finish line,  I heard Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" playing and I dug deep and plowed up the hill.  The good news - I wasn't LAST (three people finished after me) and it was one of my best races pace wise.  AGAIN,  I know I'm not fast - but I was pleased as punch with my 13:31 mile pace (just 10 seconds shy of my best 5K pace). 

I couldn't have done it with out my Super-Friend and so happy she helped me trained and stayed right by my side throughout the race!

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