Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School

It's the first week of school here!  To me, it marks the unofficial end to summer - back to schedules and routines.  In general,  I like routine - but summer is just special - lazy evenings and life seems calmer.   Super-son started middle school this year - a new chapter in life.  I was incredibly anxious but after open house something inside just told me he was ready.    Even though I'm not the one back in class - I'm exhausted!   It's one thing to throw on clothes to go exercise at 530a but it's another to get up and start your morning routine (shower, dress, make breakfast, get son up, etc, etc) and out the door by 6:45a prepared to take on the day.  We are learning and adjusting. 

Do you like the lazy days of summer?   Or do you prefer the routine (and sometimes chaos) of the school year?

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