Wednesday, August 7, 2013

House Party!

I'm not a party animal, but I do love to have people in my home!   Over the holidays, we were invited to a House Party -- sounds like college event huh?   I promise you this is like nothing you experienced in college.  House Party is a company that puts products into the hands of consumers for feedback.  I suppose you could say it is a modern day focus group.  The party we were invited to over the holidays was a family-focused New Year's Eve event.  The host had been given Hasbro games for guests to play.  Guests got to try the games and the host was able to keep all the goodies & provide feedback on the games to the company.

What a cool concept right?  Have people over and get some cool products - win, win!  I joined House Party and applied for a couple of different products of interest.  I'd never been chosen until last week.  We will be hosting a Keurig "Brew What You Love" party later this month & I couldn't be more excited!   The prize pack is pretty amazing!!  As a host - we will receive a Keurig maker and K-cups for guests to try.  Additionally, we will get another Keurig maker to give away to one of the guests as well as coupons for everyone! 

Cruise on over to House Party and sign up -- what do you have to lose?

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