Sunday, August 4, 2013

2013 Fitness Goals

This post would have been more appropriately posted in January, but better late than never!    Toward the end of last year, I hit a slump with exercising and eating.   I had done fairly well keeping the proverbial train on the tracks from 2009 through most of last year.  Not exactly sure what happened last winter, but I lost the drive and enthusiasm I had for exercising.   In late January, I was watching the first episode of Biggest Loser and realized I needed to get my act together before everything came falling apart.  I decided the most logical step would be to write down my fitness goals for 2013.  Here they are --

I had thought about many of these goals before but actually writing them out on paper suddenly made me more accountable & honestly has helped get me back on track.   I'm still working on my endurance and speed at the top of the list - but many of the others are ongoing - strengthening my core has happened as a result of new activities (Metabolic Effect classes) - I've been averaging around 4 workouts per week (my goal is no less than 3)... 10K was completed on June 22nd... The main thing is I'm focused again and I have been since I made the list...

My words of advice -- make a list  :)

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