Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/11 -- Stair Climb Challenge

Yesterday was a day of rememberance and honor for all those and their families who lost precious family members on September 11th.  It was also a day of recoginizing the unsung heroes - the men & women in uniform, the countless volunteers - all who made a difference in saving a life.

A local personal trainer challenged our area to a stair climb to honor each lost life of 9/11.  She organized the event on the campus of a local university.  It may seem an odd tribute to some but I can't think of the numerous lives that were saved because of the stairwell.  The stairwell became the ONLY access point for firefighters to enter the towers are one point.  I was unable to do the challenge as it conflicted with getting super-son to school. 

It was on my mind all day, so around lunch I decided to climb the largest building on our campus.  I knew it wouldn't be 2,977 steps - but to me it was honoring those on 9/11.  

The building was 265 steps from Main Floor to the Roof Top access.  (The count in unofficial - I may have lost count at some point) - so 530 steps total. 

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