Saturday, February 4, 2012

Popsicle 5K Recap

It's probably a good thing meteorlogists don't get fired for wrong forecasts.  :)   The last night, today's forecast was mostly cloudy with rain rolling in this afternoon.   Well, we definitely woke up to mostly cloudy skies, but the rain wasn't far behind.  Brandy and I met around 7:30a to drive out to the Popsicle 5K.  It was the first ever Popsicle 5K and it was well-organized, great volunteer involvement, and not a bad showing for the "first ever".

My reflections:
It was a great, but challenging course. There was alot more positive self-talk today :) I jogged the first mile and intended to do intervals, but ended up trying to listening to my body more. I think I ended up running more than I would have - had I chosen just to do intervals. Anyway, it was great. I was hoping to come in under 40 mins, but as I turned the corner I saw 40 min on the clock - for a split second I felt defeated. Then, I could hear our boot camp instructor's voice inside my head "Finish Strong" - so gave it all I had up the small hill to the finish line. I finished just over 41 minutes (41:30 I think - waiting on official times to be posted)- a new peronal best for me!!!! Both of my November/December times were right at 46:10 (5K) -46:15 (5.5K).

So, how was the rest of my day?   Well, I've been looking into spring races.  I'm already planning to do the Crystal Coast 5K (Feb 25th) and the St. Leo's 5K (March 17th).   Today, I discovered an 8K in May about 45 minutes from here.  It would likely be a challenging race as it's in the mountains.  A challenge will only make me stronger right?  :)   And, I found a half-marathon that offers a 4 person relay in June.  Both races sound really cool - just need to convince Brandy to come on board with me.  :)

Are you ready for your next race?

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Ann said...

Great job on the PR - sounds like you have some other opportunities to continue cutting your time this spring, too! My next race is this saturday - a Valentines Day race!! Can't wait! :)