Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doctor's Orders...

First of all, I LOVE my doctor.  More than anything it seems like I am chatting with a friend who is genuinely interested in my well-being.  Outside of my annual physical,  I've maybe been to the doctor 3 times in the past 10 years for a concern.  I'm grateful for my health. 

BUT... I've been dealing with some back pain since Labor Day of last year.  The college I take night classes at was offering free sessions with a personal trainer.  It happened to be on a night - I had class and had free time, so I decided to take advantage of it.   I don't remember specifically what she asked to do, but I realized as soon as I did the movement I had a "catch" in my back.  It didn't hurt that day, but for about two weeks after that I was miserable.  I sucked it up and went on.  Since then, I've had intermittent back pain.  It's mainly worse at work where I sit for most of the day.  It hasn't been bothering me when running or at boot camp.  Anyway, this week it has been quite unbearable, so I had an appointment with my doctor today.

She's not 100% on what the specific problem is but we think it is related to my SI joint or lower back (sacral/lumbar area).  We are hoping it is just inflammation (that would be the easiest of possible problems).  I had some x-rays done this afternoon.  I'm taking high doses of Naxproxen (like Alleve) twice a day for two weeks.  And, I'll be doing some physical therapy.  Sigh -- she's also asked me not to run on my "run days", but agreed that I could walk.  After some back and forth discussion about boot camp, she agreed I could continue as long as I don't run, jump, or do any activity where I feel it in my back.   So, I'll continue to go and modify the best I can. 

Have you had a back injury?  Did it set you back?

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Ann said...

I've never had a back injury (fingers crossed!) - hope you recover soon!