Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fashion on a Budget

I suppose I should start this post by stating I am not in anyway a fashionista, stylist, or fashion expert.  However, I do love to shop and pulling outfits together.  GW Boutique (aka Goodwill),  yard sales, and local consignment shops are some of my favorite places to shop. 

Sadly, it hasn't always been that way - I thought I had to pay full price for too long and in hindsight probably wasted alot of money.  I'm certainly not saying these are the only places I shop and that I never pay regular price, but if I can avoid it I do.  On the other hand - if I have a brand & style that fits me well,  I'll usually buy it.

Today, I thought I would share an outfit I pulled together over the holidays.
Talbots Sweater in fun, funky colors (yard sale find) - 50 cents  / paired with a white camisole I already had.
Chicos Platinum jeans (consignment shop find) - $5.00  - I love these.  They were still new with tags and on the 75% off rack.  I think they are sized wrong b/c it is smaller than  I usually wear.

Not bad for $5.50 huh?

(sorry for the bad picture - I'm not great at self

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