Monday, December 19, 2011

My Christmas Wish List...

My 2011 Wish List
  1. Moving Comfort Sports Bra - It's possible I'm crazy for listing this as number one on my list, but I desperately need a new one!   This particular brand is rather pricey - but having had two in this brand for the past 3 years - I can honestly say hands-down they are the BEST.   They keep the "girls" in their place better than any other sports bra I've worn -- especially for running and high impact activities.
  2. Super Thick Yoga Mat - The end of October,  I switched from running M-W-F to Boot Camp.  I've been using the yoga mat that came with our Wii and let's just say I have battle wounds.  The boot camp is outside and we do lots of planks, push-ups, and other crazy ab work & I'd like to believe a super-thick yoga mat would help make it more bearable.  :)  
  3. Saucony Ride 4 - new shoes! - It's that time of year when I need some new tread.  The Ride4 has been my go-to shoe for the past three years.  If you've never been professionally fitted for shoes, I highly recommend it.  Since wearing the appropriate shoe for my foot, I have not experience any shin splints!
Those really are my top 3 items.  It seems crazy that I am asking for fitness stuff - but that's kinda where I am in life right now.  :)

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