Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Holiday Tradition...Candle Tea

I love this picture of young & old working together on the Beeswax candles.
One of my favorite holiday traditions is attending the Candle Tea at Old Salem.  And as part of the tradition, we usually stand in a really long line outside with really cold temperatures.  We don't get alot of snow in our area, but the past two years it has snowed while we've been waiting in line.  The Candle Tea is sponsored by Home Moravian Church and held in the Single Brothers House at Old Salem.  The Candle Tea consist of hearing a little history of the Moravians and specifically the Single Brothers House;  singing Christmas carols;  the candle-making room (see pic above); going into the kitchen and enjoying Moravian coffee and sugar cake (my favorite!);  the Putz; and ending with the nativity & reading of the Christmas story.   Nothing changes about the candle tea each year - but we love going as family and remembering the simplicity of the season.

Do you have any holiday traditions?

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