Sunday, February 8, 2015

Small Bathroom - Redesign on a Dime

I literally laugh out loud when searching for "small bathroom ideas" on Pinterest.   Some of the bathrooms are 3 times the size of our truly small bathroom.  About a year or so ago, I had the bright idea I would use paint leftover from the kitchen for the small bathroom.  This worked out beautifully until I ran out of paint & bought a quart to finish the project which didn't match up 100% - project FAIL!   I wish I could share a before picture, but it crashed with my phone - so just trust me on that one.  

Super husband's coworkers came over after the holidays for a post-Christmas celebration.  Apparently, I like working under pressure because I started the project on Tuesday & they were coming over on Saturday.  I found a gray & white chevron shower curtain awhile ago, so it was the inspiration for the room (& we love the gray in our master bath).  

Here it is in progress - I was already loving it at this point.  I wanted a new light fixture too, but it will have to wait.  
Sorry for the tilted picture (remember I keep it real on my blog),  the mirror was previously red, so I updated it with a 97 cent can of spray paint. 
The cabinet received a fresh coat of with paint.  The over the toilet shelving was a curbside find!  Shower curtain came from Kohls online.  Bath rug came from TJ Maxx - it was a two pack: one solid gray & one chevron. Paint color is Behr - Gentle Rain.  Overall, it looks so much better! 

I still want to: replace light fixture, add pops of Aqua for color; & fix ceiling (possibly headboard). 

Have you done any DIY lately?

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