Saturday, February 7, 2015


It's hard to believe we already into February!  Time definitely flies as you get older!   Nothing incredible to share with my -2 readers!  What's happening now...

- I struggled last year with finding my exercise routine (due to new job & superson starting middle school).  I've found a Tues/Thurs evening class that is very similar format to the early AM boot camp I loved!  Super husband gave me shoe tags for Christmas #soretoday #strongtomorrow - love!!!
- I am doing Weight Watchers online.  It's not a diet or a fad - it's real food & living. I've never tried the Simply Filling option, so I thought I would try it & so far so good.  I'd like to switch over to meetings when I am closer to goal.  We have an awesome leader in our area. 
Everything Bagel Thin, egg, slice of cheese, 2 pieces of bacon, crystal light "orange juice" -- see real food 

- I am taking a break from Facebook for the month of February.  I have a love/hate  relationship with it anyway!  It tends to become a time suck - hoping to read some books instead! 

- Superhusband & superson are well!  We are half-way through our second year of middle school.  It's been an adventure to say the least.  

Sorry this post is full of random thoughts!  What's new with you? 

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