Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No Posts!

February slipped by without one single post!   I need to try and make at least one blog post a week a priority.  Recently, I've continually asked myself how I balanced going to school full-time with a full-time career as well as being a mother and wife!   It was less than a year ago - how crazy. 

You may be wondering what's new....

1.  Our wellness department at work promotes various programs throughout the year on different aspects of healthy living.  The end of January they started a "Weigh at Work" program.  In some aspects, it's similar to Weight Watchers, but there is no "program" to follow.  It works really well for me as we are required to use My Fitness Pal to log our food daily (which I use anyway), but I've really enjoyed the added aspect of accountability on a "required" weigh-in each week.  We meet weekly on Wednesdays for 30 minutes and discuss various topics -- stress, clean eating, eating out, etc. 

2.  I've finally found my groove with exercising again.  I struggled after hurting my back last year, but I've successfully logged 4-5 workouts each week for the past 6 weeks.  Even though, I'm not running I've been able to maintain an average pace of 4.5mph on my 3 mile route - I'll eventually begin to shave some seconds/minutes off and hopefully be able to pick up the pace without injuring my back.  I've incorporated Zumba, Hoopdio (aerobics with a hula-hoop twist), Pilates, boot camp and a personal training session.  In so many ways, exercise is like therapy for me.

3.  Tonight... sigh, I looked in super-son's bookbag and there was the dreaded middle school registration card.  I am so.not.ready. for this next chapter.   We've been blessed with such a wonderful elementary school experience - could not ask for better administrators, teachers, and staff.   However, time waits for no one & we must move on.  We are fortunate to have a great middle school.  We are still hoping he gets into a magnet school we selected, but we are currently number 24 on the waiting list so are odds are not very good.

Over the next couple of weeks,  I'll try to share my fitness goals for 2013, some new recipes I've tried from Pinterest, and a DIY project or two!  

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