Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Do It

Yesterday was a beautiful day!   I woke up to birds chirping, sun shining and relatively warm temperatures.  We went to bed later than usual on Friday night because we were finishing up the laundry room DIY project.  Super-son had stayed over night with a friend, so it was the perfect morning to sleep in!  However, every time I have an opportunity to sleep in - no matter how hard I try - I can't!   I got up around 830a - technically I that is later than a regular work day  :)    Super-husband dropped his car off for service the evening before and around 10a they called to say it was ready.   He wasn't up yet and I hadn't gone for my 2-3 miles yet -- so I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone! 

I decided I would walk to pick up his car.  I checked MapMyRun for the route and it was almost 2.5 miles to the garage - perfect, I could tackle two tasks at the same time.  I called my friend, Angie, to let her know what I was doing (just in case) and left super-husband a note (he was still snoozing) & out the door I went. 

We live in a relatively rural area - no sidewalks... fortunately, the garage is relatively close to us and I only had to go down one road after getting out of our neighborhood to get there.  I followed the rules of the road (ride with, walk against) and wore my fluorescent pink wind-breaker.  I was on and off the pavement alot - as cars approached I would walk in the grass  (I've seen some folks who don't budge off the road - I'm not one of those).   I did not have my ear-buds in either.  Since this was the first time on a major road (I'm usually in our neighborhood, at the local town square, or a neighborhood around where I work)  I decided I needed to really be aware of my surroundings.  I wasn't sure I could maintain my usual pace (no music, on & off the road), but I tried not to focus on that and just be proud of the fact that I was doing something NEW!

I arrived at the garage slightly winded, but feeling pretty proud of stepping outside my comfort zone.  I was able to keep my usual pace (yeah!).   I returned home and super-husband woke up 30 minutes or so later & mentioned we needed to go get his car.  I told him it was in the driveway (SURPRISE!) -- I think he was proud of me too!   We went out for brunch and then went to the park at I logged another 1.25 miles.   

Are you staying focused this weekend?

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