Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you prepared?

Well, Thanksgiving week is upon us!  Are you prepared?   I think we should all enjoy the time with our family and friends & enjoy some delicious food in moderation.  The key to enjoying this time is planning ahead - not obessing over our choices.   For me, it will be relatively easy on Thursday,  the in-laws wanted to take everyone to Cracker Barrel.  While the portions will be controlled, I will have the option to make low-calorie dishes to off-set the higher ones.  SO,  I plan to eat light throughout the day and enjoy the evening with them.   Super-husband, super-son and I will be doing the Turkey Strut 5K as well which will earn me a cushion to counteract the calories.  (PS - If you have joined the Healthy Blogger 5K for Thanksgiving - click over the A Journey to Thin now!)    In addition to the 5K on Thursday,  I will have boot camp on Monday & Wednesday at 530a.  No boot camp on Friday - I was a little bummed.  If I can find another insane person, I might tackle a couple of stores on Black Friday - just because.  :)   Saturday evening,  we will have Thanksgiving with my parents, so I'll be sure to earn some more activity points that day as well!

What's your plan?

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