Monday, July 8, 2013

4 Months!

It's true - the older I get the more time flies!   The last time I posted it was March and now it's July!  Summa-time is here! 

Here's what I've been up to lately:

  • Working on my fitness goals for 2013.  I made the list in late January while watching Biggest Loser.  I've been  hesitant to share the list because that well, uh, makes us more accountable right?  However, I hope to share the list with you soon & let you know about my progress.
  • Super-son completed elementary school in June and will be heading to middle school in August.  Not sure if this mom is ready for that!
  • It's been a BUSY summer!   We've implemented some new software at work which has resulted in my "busy" season at work to be twice as busy.  
  • Vacation for us this year will be a stay-cation which is a huge change for us.  We never go anywhere over the top - we are fortunate to live in close proximity to the beach and mountains & the beach is usually our destination of choice.  However, this year we've decided to stay home and do some day trips and really just enjoy each others company. 
  • DIY!  After last year's DIY summer adventure,  I haven't been ready to tackle ANYTHING - BUT...  Super-son was away at the beach last week with the grandparents and home for  a day & heads to church camp tomorrow... this momma needed something to do... stay tuned for my Design on a Dime bathroom makeover!   It's currently in the "what was I thinking - have no choice but to move forward stage".  
Have a fabulous Monday!!!

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