Friday, October 21, 2011

Where have I been?

It's fall ... How's this picture for a flashback to 2001?   Super-son in his first Halloween costume.  Adorable?  Yes, I think so!

Well, y'all what can I say... school is back in session for me and super-son, so life is crazy busy.  It's a challenge to keep my head above water.  On a good note, after this semester I will have 2.66 (yes .66 classes) remaining which *cross my fingers* means I will graduate in the Spring.  Woohoo!

So what's new?
  • All house projects (painting, organizing) are on hold until the semester is over.  It's too much stress to have another ball in the air right now.
  • I had my yearly physical with my primary care physician this week.  All of my bloodwork is excellent & I had lost 14 lbs since last year's visit.  She gave me an A++.
  • I'm still exercising M-W-F at the crack of dawn 530am to be exact.  I'll try to post something on my new venture over the weekend.

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