Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hello July!

I'm not sure what it is about July, but it screams SUMMER to me! Maybe it's the July 4th celebrations, vacation, hot temperatures, cook-outs, a full month with no school for super-son, grilling out, and accessorizing as much as possible with flip-flops. July is summer period. :)

Yesterday, I took a short road trip with a friend to the Christmas in July festival. It was north of where we live, but do not be fooled - the mountains are not cooler in July. I love festivals - drooling over the arts & crafts - wishing I had an ounce of their wonderful talent. Fall festivals are my favorite, but I'd been disappointed with "made in China items" showing up at some of the local festivals. I want TRUE hand-made and heart-felt pieces. The festival yesterday did not disappoint, and an added bonus Santa himself was strolling around. We had a great time!

What screams summer to you?

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Sally said...

A full garden screams summer to me. The first ripe tomato, the first cucumber, the first zucchini, weeding and watering the plants, and filling up the pantry while everything is still growing!!