Monday, May 21, 2012

Little Steps

As I mentioned in another post, I've had some issues with  back pain this spring.  For the past 6 weeks, I've taken a break from boot camp and focused on walking & climbing the stairs at work.  Overall, my back is feeling much better and I'm realizing how much injury prevention is a part of the fitness journey.

Some people thrive on exercising alone - it's "their" time and they are self-disciplined, dedicated and focused to make it happen.  I am quite the opposite - I tend to push myself harder and do better when I am part of a group.  Even if the exercise does not involve interaction with others,  I find it easier to find my zone and give 110%.  I still consider the exercise time "my time" because after all - I am doing this for me  (seriously, why else would I get up at 5am).  

Fortunately, my weight is holding steady in a range that I'm comfortable in.  If you haven't tried My Fitness Pal,  I highly recommend it.  It's a great site for logging your daily food journal and exercise as well  & I love the smart phone app for it.

Do you exercise best alone or in a group?

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